A fifth-generation native of Sweetwater County, Joe and his wife Erin, a manager at the local Head Start program, make their home in Rock Springs. They share their home with three rescue dogs - Chapter, Molly, and Buddy-Beau - and an ornery cat named Henry. 

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Public Service



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Effective Leadership for Sweetwater County.


Why Joe is Running

Since first being appointed County Treasurer in July of 2021, Joe has worked hard to ensure the citizens of Sweetwater County receive efficient, professional, and courteous service. Along with his stellar team, he has successfully navigated the most substantial changes to mineral tax collection in decades, adopted a more outward-facing approach to communication, initiated efforts to collect long-overdue personal property taxes, and developed a strong, productive investment portfolio.

Why has Joe been successful in his role as County Treasurer? Because he prioritizes people in every decision and always remembers that the job is about service, not politics. 

Looking Forward


The main function of the Treasurer's Office is to serve the public. In that effort, effective and regular communication is key to success. Joe has and will continue to expand public outreach to ensure that everyone has access to important information and resources.


In this modern age, we have access to incredible and powerful software and platforms. The utilization of these resources will result in more efficient service that benefits both our staff and the people we serve. Improving our technology and making sure we're utilizing its full potential has been and will continue to be a priority under Joe's leadership.  


Joe is fortunate to work with an incredible team in the Treasurer's Office. His leadership philosophy is that if you want to ensure you're providing top-notch service, you take care of the people doing the work. Making sure that staff has the resources and education they need in order to thrive and grow in their careers is crucial to the Treasurer Office's mission.